Earring Care

How to care for your earrings

Getting makeup on your earrings is going to happen, do not worry about it! You can use a cotton swab with either make up remover or nail polish remover and clean your earrings up easily!

Polymer clay is not rock hard, please be gentle with your earrings, the earrings do have some bend to them but please refrain from over bending them or else they will snap. If your earrings break within the first two months of you receiving them I am happy to replace them for you.

If your earrings get a scuff mark from rubbing against other metal jewelry please try to buff it out with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol before reaching out to me for a replacement. I will only replace items that are physically broken. It is your responsibility to take care of your own jewelry and is a risk when buying soft pieces.